Brioche Buns

Brioche Buns | Pains brioche


Deliciously Delicious

We’re amazing. And that didn’t happen overnight. We’ve been baking bread in the finest European tradition since 1921. It’s pride, but it’s earned. Imagine yourself in a bistro along the Seine; it’s late spring, the aroma of creamy cappuccinos waft through the air. Nice eh?. Well, that’ll set you back about 2 grand… on standby. But our unbelievably fresh & authentic sweet buttery brioche buns can do it for a bunch of loonies.

Storage & Use

They bring out the best in breakfast, lunch or dinner, and are absolutely the perfect home for eggs, meats, cold cuts or even your favourite deli salad. Store in packaging or freeze for later use


Brioche Buns Nutritional