Portuguese Buns

Portuguese Buns


A History Of Delicious.

We’re amazing. And that didn’t happen overnight. We’ve been baking bread in the finest European tradition since 1921. It’s pride, but it’s earned. There’s a legend heard along the Costa Verde that whispers of a bread so tasty that kingdoms have been lost over it, great fortunes spent trying to acquire it, and hearts broken in the attempt to learn the secret of its recipe. Whatever the real history, this is the Portuguese baker’s art at its best. Soft, light & supremely delish.

Storage & Use

Introducing the new mainstay of any meal. Our Portuguese Buns suit soups superbly, are the perfect side to any main, and ready to pinch-hit as a midnight snack. And to keep delicious going even longer, store them in the package or freeze for later use.


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